6 what!?

10:08 PM

6 MONTHS. I've been married for six whole months. It's weird being married. I feel like every day is a holiday and I can't quite grasp the fact that this is real life, and I need to stop celebrating. I feel like every night we spend doing something together is grounds for ice cream or just laying on the couch watching our favorite tv show... but the problem is, we spend EVERY night together. I need to face reality. I would have thought a week, maybe a month would be like that.. but um, nope. I still haven't gotten over how adorable my husband is, and I just want to snuggle him every chance I get. Sorry d-ro.

I didn't think I'd be one to celebrate a six month mark... but hey. I was craving Thai food... Didn't want to cook (never do) and so we celebrated. We went to Thai Kitchen in Provo... not good. The Thai place in AF is a trillion times better and the service wasn't great. We didn't even get any mango on sticky rice for dessert... It probably would have taken another hour to get it. and I love that stuff. Sooooo.... don't go there. Anyways. Friday. Dan. He is too freaking cute. Above is a picture of us in front of our door... And above that... We wanted a picture of both of us at dinner so Dan had the brilliant idea of using my handy dandy smartphone app to pretend like we're kissing each other. I love it and it makes me laugh.

More pictures...

Now for my best cheddar. Dan is the very best. I can't imagine myself being any happier with anyone else, he is perfect for me. I have a tendency to sweat the small stuff, and he is always so good at calming me down and making me realize it's okay when things don't go exactly as planned. The other day I had a dream I kissed with Blake Shelton and I woke up feeling like a double home wrecker. He's married, I'm married. AWFUL MICHELLE! But Dan just laughed and said he doesn't blame me because he wishes he would have dreams about kissing Blake Shelton. (He is our favorite judge on The Voice.) Really?? That was the best thing he could have said to make me feel better about the situation. He is just so good that way. :) The song that is on repeat in our house right now is "You Are The Best Thing (that's ever happened to me) by Ray Lamontagne" an honestly.... he really, truly is. I'm just so lucky that he chose ME to spend forever with. :)

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