6:49 PM

So there I am just running my little heart out at the gym, trying to beat my PB, my heart was set on it, I tell you what! I’m wearing some new running shorts, the kind with spandex built in. They are a little too big so every stride I take they just keep riding a little further up until they are so high I might as well be wearing a pair of bunchy undies. Totally inappropriate and super embarrassing but I’m not even going to let that stop me because I’ve got legs and right now I’m running 8 min miles and kicking some serious butt… THEN a pizza guy comes into the gym with 30-40 boxes of pizza. PIZZA. AT A GYM. I try to ignore it and power through my work out but I start to cramp up because these damn shorts are bunching around my abdomen and I start smelling onions, cheese and sausage when I’m really just supposed to be smelling sweat and air conditioning. I had to cut my run short and i almost threw up. Whether it was the shorts, or the pizza I don’t even know.. but what I’m really trying to say is this. What kind of gym gives away free pizza??? sabotaging my work out and I’m sure my fellow gym go-ers diets. eff youuuu.

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