Happy Easter!

10:23 PM

Two of my favorite people!

We dyed Easter Eggs at Dan's parents house and we tried using Kool-Aid. It's super cheap and it gives you vibrant colors, but I didn't feel like getting too fancy so we didn't to anything crazy. You dump a packet of Kool-Aid in a jar, add 1 cup of water and dump the eggs in. Yep, that easy! AND it smells good. Much better than stinky vinegar.

This is Dan. I drew it.
Dan and Carly made TNMT eggs... I wish we would have though about it sooner so we could have made the whole gang. Oh well. Next year!

My niece and nephew did their own kit, the kind you use a roller for. My niece made this little guy and named him Harold Jeffrey. Too cute.

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