10:06 PM

Mountain Biking is our favorite Saturday activity right now. Look how perfectly the bikes fit in my car! Dan has a bike rack for his car but his car needed some repairs so we had to use mine once. I love my XB.

We went over in Lehi two saturdays ago... It was a disaster. 300 mph winds and dust everywhere. But we did get this cute picture!

Our favorite place to go is up behind the Draper Temple. We went there Saturday. How amazing is this view!? And this is only right after we started. The view is better from the top but it was dark by the time we got up there, not very good for pictures... (and pretty scary for the ride down!) Plus it's fun seeing the place we got married the entire way down :) and this iPhone picture doesn't even do it justice. Not even close. It's a gorgeous ride and on the way down, the lights were on over the entire Salt Lake Valley. The temple was lit up and reflecting the sunset so it was purple and orange and absolutely breathtaking. I tried to take a picture but it didn't turn out. :(

We look pretty extreme right? ;)

This is Dan's sister and her husband. My bro & sister in law. AKA - Jaime and Mike. It was really fun to have Jaimie come with us, last saturday I was the only girl and keeping up with the boys was pretty rough. Haha. I love being up in the mountains, it's a killer work out and every single time we get done, we just talk about how much fun we had the entire way home. Going down hill I just pretty much scream the entire time because I'm going so fast, but Jaime did the same thing so I didn't feel TOO bad.

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