Gettin' Fit.

10:17 PM

Doesn't that look so good?! Well guess what. I stopped drinking it. We are doing the biggest loser at my work and I decided to stop drinking soda.

The contest. We are on teams, I think there are seven teams. Our team has six people, we had seven but one girl quit. We are currently in the lead, we have been doing it for 2 weeks and we have lost 33 pounds altogether. 11 of those pounds came off ME!!! 11 POUNDS. HECK YEAH! I have been eating pretty strict but still let myself cheat a few times a week. I know that realistically I won't be able to not eat candy ever again, so I'm going for a lifestyle change instead of doing a "diet"... The contest is 12 weeks long and ends in June. I probably won't update my progress until the end though. Wish me luck!

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