sister trip

10:22 PM

Last Friday me and Taylor went on a little sister trip :) destination? Bozeman, MONTANA!!!!!!!!!

We left late on Friday night... Like 9:00 PM late. yikes. My dad had gotten us a hotel in Dillon, because we had to be in Bozeman by 11 AM on Saturday. We rolled into Dillon at 3 something.. ummm I was driving and I was soooo tired but I had some Mike & Ike's to chew to keep me awake. Of course as soon as we got to Idaho we got some scratch off lottery tickets, haha that's our little tradition... We always do it at the first gas station we stop at in Idaho. We never win :(

This is what we were there for... Taylor had a modeling audition!!! She is freaking beautiful and a little twiglet. she rocked the audition but we will see what happens... The people there loved her but unfortunately they don't have the final say as to whether or not she gets the job. They send the tape to people higher up... We will see!!

After, we went to lunch at MacKenzie River Pizza.... We both got sandwiches and shared some logpoles, but we both ended up getting sick... I'll never go back. Ugh, makes me nauseous just thinking about it.

Bozeman is the cutest town ever. I wouldn't mind living there one day... There are so many cute little shops on Main Street... and we saw this bench and thought it was pretty cool so we took our pictures by it. :)

Instead of spending the night in Bozeman, we decided to drive a little bit of the way home and stay in West Yellowstone. We got stopped by some buffalo, and taylor wanted to get out of the car to get a closer pic. I almost punched her! haha they were like five feet away from the car, I was like STAY IN HERE YOU WILL DIEEEEEEEEEEE. haha :) we took a video of them because they were so cute but the video isn't posting for some reason. boooo!

So we had this whole plan that we were going to go hiking when we got there, and then in the morning go see Old Faithful and stuff.... Then we got there and the roads looked like this. The pic doesn't do it justice but the snow was like 6" deep on the roads and everyone but us was either in a giant truck or just driving a snowmobile around. The show was up to the roof of some buildings... and over the doors of the local Dairy Queen, which was a bummer because we wanted ice cream. So needless to say, we spend the entire evening inside the hotel room. didn't quite think that one through!!! It was so hard to drive our car on this that we couldn't even go anywhere to get dinner, luckily the hotel had some soup in a crock pot! We loved the hotel and the workers were so sweet to us. :) Taylor went to go get in the hot tub but there was 23489737 million men in there (after snowmobiling or something) so she just came back to the room. Then after they left the front desk called us up to tell us the coast was clear and that we could go down there. Haha.

I've never spent more than like 15 hours away from this boy since we got married. We video chatted with our cell phones, he is playing the monkey animation on here... haha, trying to annoy me of course. <3

On our way home!! :( / :) I had so much fun spending quality time with my sister. We are going to make sister trips an annual tradition! but probably not to West Yellowstone in March :)

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