twenty four.

9:56 PM

What up. I'm 24. Which seems so old, but then I think about it, and it seems so young. It's weird, I feel like I'm so grown up because I'm married but then I still feel so young... I feel like I'm ahead of my game, when in reality pretty much all of my friends are married. Haha. and if I'm running on Utah county time, I was basically an old maid getting married at 23. ;) I had a pretty good day (WEEK) if I do say so myself. I'll start with the day, then backtrack to week. Dan and I both took the day off work, we don't get to spend a lot of days together besides sundays so we really just wanted an excuse to hang out together. I saw these pancakes on pinterest a while ago and so I made Dan make them for me. Haha. Gotta start the day off right. ;)

Dan brought me breakfast in bed but I was already awake and he already gave me my presents. I got a new bike (spoiled I know.) I also got this biking shirt, some biking shorts with padding in the bum so I don't get saddle sore, this helmet and two more biking shirts. Of course I was trying on my new gear as soon as I got it. Not sure what the heck is up with the photo and why it is all cloudy, i think it was the morning light coming in through the window.

We didn't have anything planned for the daytime so we decided to take my new wheels for a spin. My bike is amazing and so are the shorts, I only got a little saddle sore. JUST KIDDING. I sat down the next morning and about broke my back I jumped up so dang fast. hahahha. We rode from our house down the Provo River Trail to Utah Lake.

Of course I made Dan take some cute pictures of us.

This picture was an accident but it made me laugh and I think it's cute :)

This is what we saw when we got to the lake... ARE YOU KIDDING ME. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS PICTURE!??! AND IT IS TAKEN WITH MY IPHONE. The lake was breath taking and this picture doesn't even do it justice. I kept telling dan, "Holy SHIT... How beautiful is this earth??" I realized what I said afterwards and felt really dorky because using a swear word to describe something so beautiful kind of seems backwards but it just popped out. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful world, and I love being outside and enjoying it. We decided that the more time you spend in the great outdoors, the more you really appreciate it. We are going to try to go mountain biking as much as possible this summer.

How cute is my husband?!? :)

After we rode home (ALL UPHILL - my legs were jello) we went to my favorite grocery store, Sunflower Market and got some soup from their deli and a bar of my favorite chocolate to share. We ate it while we caught up on The Voice (I'm obsessed with that show... can't wait for auditions to be over. I want to take voice lessons, not to be on that show or anything, but just so I can actually sing in church without making people's ears bleed.) Then we got ready and went to the mall so I could get a new shirt for my birthday dinner.

Taylor and Skylar came down for my birthday dinner :) I loved it! We went to Tocano's and neither of them had ever been there before.

My new shirt! It's cuter in real life... haha.

Tay couldn't get enough cheesy rolls.

Then we got home and Dan got really sick, he wasn't feeling well all day but he didn't want to ruin my birthday so he went to dinner anyways and acted like he was feeling fine. Ummm Nope. He threw up all night. Poor guy :( He has been throwing up since then, it didn't have anything to do with Tocano's food, but that much meat definitely didn't help... He has a sore throat that makes him hiccup that makes him throw up if he eats anything. It is the weirdest thing ever. So he just had to lay on the couch when we got home and we finished watching The Voice. Such a good day :)


On Sunday we celebrated with my in-laws, I got to choose dinner (enchiladas) and my Mother-in-law gave me a cupcake stand and two new shirts!! :) She spoils me for sure! We also had cake and ice cream. I didn't take any pictures because my phone was charging and then I forgot :( then we played bananagrams until way past our bedtime and we still had to drive home from riverton.

On Monday night my Stepmom was in town visiting her family so she took me and Dan to Suehiro for an early birthday dinner. It's a Japanese restaurant in Sandy/Midvale... I don't know exactly what city but over by Ft. Union. They brought me this huge bowl of ice cream after and it was BOMB. The food was good too of course.

This is the card from my Dad and Stepmom... I just thought it was soooo cute, I had to take a picture. On the front it makes you rub that pattern thing that looks like a zebra, I didn't know what to expect but then I opened it up and it said "Just wanted you to feel the LOVE on your birthday!" ADORABLE.

All in all, very successful birthday... Pretty sure I gained 40 lbs from all that food, but oh well. You only live once. :)

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