4:58 PM

This weekend I got to spend some time with my mom and sister. We had to run an errand for Taylor but afterwards, we went to lunch at Rumbi! I had some soup and side salad because I knew I was going out to dinner later and wanted to save room and I don't think I will get anything besides the soup ever again! The Tortilla soup had chicken and tortilla strips in it, but it sort of tasted like curry?? It was different than any soup I've ever had but seriously? ahh-mazing. I highly reccomend it.

We tried for this picture about eight times, it was pretty embarrassing, but so worth it. I love my mom and sister, I don't know what I would do without them. After dinner, we went shopping but of course I tried on a million things and didn't find anything. I hate that :( I was so ready to spend some $$ to get a cute outfit to wear on my birthday and I came home with a $5 beanie. and a cheap pair of earrings. That's it. Blahhhh. Tay found a zillion cute things and so did my mom, but I guess that's just the way it goes. When you want to buy something, you can't find anything but if you don't have any $$$ you want everything. right? :)

From there I went up to visit my Grandpa Shepherd. He is just so cute. I had a little woodworking project I needed help with and he has a shop in his basement so I had him help me with it. Here he is using his band saw. He taught me how to sand it so the edges don't chip (it's pretty detailed... I'll post the finished project later!) and sent me home with extra sand paper and sanding blocks incase it wasn't perfect when I got home.

After we were all done and COVERED in sawdust, he took me to dinner at (my favorite!) chili's! I got my favorite, the Shiner Bock BBQ Burger. sjafldkjfdslakfa. best burger ever. and of course I had to get some chips and salsa. It's pretty cool though, because if you have a smartphone and "check-in" to chili's on foursquare, they will give you free chips and salsa. I get it everytime anyways, so I will definitely be doing that every time from now, so I can save myself $3! It's actually the only reason I even downloaded the foursquare app, I thought foursquare was lame, but give me free chips and salsa, I'll check in all day every day. haha.

So basically I had a busy, but really fun Saturday spending some quality time with people I love, while dan caught up on homework (zzzzzzz).

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