6:38 PM

This weekend my niece and nephew slept over at our house. They are the cutest things ever. That was actually a perk of marrying Dan for me, that he already had a niece and nephew. I've always thought it would be so fun to be an aunt. I love the idea of spoiling the kids rotten and keeping them up all night and just doing all the fun stuff about having kids around, but not having to do any of the hard stuff. haha. They pretty much love me to death and told me I'm the best aunt ever because I let them "help" me make cookies. But really we had just bought cookie dough so there wasn't much to help with, so I just scooted some chairs over to the counter and told them they could pull it out of the package and put it on the cookie sheet. They were thrilled and I (sort of) let them help me put it in the oven. Mykena goes, "How hot is that thing? Like a HUNDRED DEGREES!?!" They couldn't even believe that is was actually THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY! SO HOT. so we have to be verrrryyyy careful. Haha. :)

In the morning we made pancakes. They wanted six each. So I made them each a big one, Jayden's was a snake. He wanted a stingray but that seemed way too hard. I made Mykena a butterfly but it was so ugly I couldn't even take a picture. It looked more like a super fat teddy bear. And then I made them a bunch of little 2" pancakes so they could have six. I don't think they ended up eating all of them though.

They loved drawing on the whiteboard. We were laughing about how something so so simple could keep them busy for hours, but when I went in there one of them drew this and I just thought it was the cutest thing, I couldn't help but take a picture. Then in the morning after Dan left for work, the kids wanted me to play school with them and be their teacher and do math problems on the whiteboard. Then we had recess while I got ready and then I gave them a spelling test. I kinda forgot what it was like to be little and I couldn't remember what my spelling words were in 1st grade (plus i was the spelling be champ twice. hehe.) So I accidentally gave them words that were a little to hard for them and was laughing my head off when I corrected them. Spaghetti was spelled "Spetey" and "Spgede" and also "Biksukle" awwwww. I love them. I guess she cried when we took her home because she missed us already. Haha. soooo cute.

Then I went and did Carly's (sister-in-law's) hair for Sweetheart's Dance and when I got home Dan had lunch ready for me and had gotten tickets to see The Vow at the new theaters at Thanksgiving Point. Ummm the theaters still smell new, and they were so clean it was amazing. He got us tickets on the front row of the top section so I could put my feet on the bar but the bar was too high so when I put my feet up I couldn't even see the screen. Haha. But the picture above was the Ice Cream I got. Me and taylor used to go get this ice cream ALL THE TIME when we were little. After our swimming lessons we would walk down to The Yogurt Parlor in AF and get this with cookie dough on top. I was so excited they had it, of course I had to get some! YUM. Btw, the movie sucked. I was crying the whole time because I was so sad thinking what it would be like if that happened to me or Dan. Blahhh.

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