health freaks. or at least trying to be.

9:35 PM

Say hello to my breakfast. Dan and I are trying to get back in shape... So we're on a bit of a health kick. I saw these at winco for 88¢ I am a huge fan of Odwalla Juices so I got some to try. I opened it up and almost threw up. Horse food??? Orrrrr what... I ate it anyway, and it actually wasn't bad. It tastes like a more "healthy" version of a rasin cookie... or something like that. They have a funky aftertaste, but they're inexpensive, they're pretty good for you (500 milligrams of spirulina!) and they are easy to grab as I run out the door. And lets be honest... I need that in a breakfast. Mornings are by far, the worst time of day. I'll definitely be buying more of these.

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