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4:56 PM

Valentine's Day is for sure one of my favorite holidays (the other two being Halloween and The 4th of July). I'm obsessed with it. Everything is just so gosh darn cute. Hearts and pink and red everywhereeeee. I never actually made it to the store to buy any of it because I was trying to avoid the chocolate covered marshmallow hearts, but I didn't want to give Dan a present without it wrapped up (unwrapping is the best part!) so I had to make some real quick. I thought it turned out pretty cute. I know a lot of people think Valentine's Day is dumb, but I just really like the idea of having an extra special day to celebrate the people you love. Of course we tell each other how much we love each other, and do little things for them on other days of the year, but it's just fun to have an EXTRA special night once in a while. Plus it's a good excuse to have the hubby cook for me! More on that later :)

Kinda funny... we got each other the same present. Watches! We were laughing so hard, we decided that we are going to give each other watches every year from now on... a little "tradition" if you will. After we have a baby we'll probably have to hit up the clearance section at wal-mart but for now, it works. :)

OKAY. THE FOOD. We decided we wanted to stay in and cook, not only to save some $$ but because last year we went to Macaroni Grill, we had to wait forever at the restraunt and the food was pre-made and reheated and cost an arm and a leg. But this? We got a great deal at Sunflower Market and got the entire meal for about $25. wowza. My husband MADE THIS. EVERYTHING. Lobster tail, asparagus (actually now that I think about it, I made that... but I really just threw it in the steamer.) and filet mignon with crumbled bacon and gorgonzola cream sauce. The lobster wasn't the bomb, I'm not sure if it wasn't cooked quite right (this was his first time cooking any of this stuff, so we had to rely on the internet to tell us about the lobster) but it was chewy and weird... We decided it was just an expensive garnish. haha. But the steak was to DIE FOR. It was tender and juicy, and not under or over cooked. and the gorgonzola sauce was perfect. I'm pretty sure he's going to be making dinner from here on out. Haha. ;) Then we had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, but I didn't take a picture because I wasn't that proud of them. Dan said they were cute, but he loves me so he kinda has to say that.

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