POP! Goes the baby bump!

3:28 PM

Baby bump decided to pop today. Finally.  23 weeks and 4 days.

You know what I decided?? I think I'd rather be asked if I was pregnant when I wasn't, than to be told I don't look pregnant when I am. Lately so many people have told me that I "don't even look pregnant." People who know me, and people who don't. To the people that know me, do you even remember what I looked like before!!?!! I have gained what feels like 354 lbs, about half of that was in my face. I look like I am playing a game of fluffy bunny and have 12 jumbo marshmallows hiding in my cheeks. Not just that, but I haven't been able to squeeze into my regular pants since December. FOR THE LOVE people, I feel HUGE. Please just pretend you can see my baby bump?? And tell me how cute it is?? Oh and if you didn't know me before, it's even more rude. Basically what you're saying is that I pull off the whole chubby thing really well. Good to know, I guess.

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