Mozzie ♥

10:04 PM

Meet Mozzie. The golden retriever. 

He is 18.5 weeks old, I know that because he is one day less than I am pregnant. Which is pretty cool, especially because that is why we got him. Even more cool when you think about how easy it is for me to know how old he is. Ha. 

I am feeling especially grateful for him today. Maybe because today I've been sick and haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like with him, I'm stuck upstairs in bed and he is downstairs in his bed. Poor thing, I miss him. He really is such a good dog, he is so adorable. He is really good at sitting (especially when there's food in the mix) and he can shake! He's not very good at staying, as in he will NOT. He is so needy, it's actually kind of hilarious. He gets so excited when we get home that sometimes he pees on the floor because he's too busy making us pet his belly and he can't be bothered to go potty. D-Ro said it used to be cute until he got so big that one accident covers half the kitchen. So true. :-/ he loves to go up and down the stairs with us, if he is in front of you he will pause halfway down to look back and make sure you are following him (I've almost tripped so many times, I get so mad.) it's kind of adorable. He is also jealous of our phones/tablets. If we are on them he tries to bite them. Once I thought I lost my phone but he had just hidden it in his kennel. Haha. 

He loves to play fetch, but doesn't like to give us back the ball. He loves to pick up sticks and carry them while we walk (I die, it's so cute.) His favorite toy is a stuffed armadillo that makes a quiet squeaking sound and he loooooves to chew up paper towels. I always joke with Dan that if we had a paper towel in one hand and a steak in the other, he would plow us down to get to the paper towel. Haha. Maybe one day I will have to test that theory. 

He's already growing so much, this is him the day we got him.

I think we need to re-create this picture. Maybe when my baby bump gets a little more noticeable and then we can REALLY document the changes! 

He's sexy and he knows it. He still loves to stare at himself in the mirror, sometimes he's being really quiet and I go check on him thinking he's being naughty but he's just sitting, staring at himself. Adorable.

From Thanksgiving.

He pulled this fur ball off my beanie, so he's looking pretty guilty. I also thought it was an animal he dragged in from outside and I almost fainted.

This is how he likes to snuggle. So annoying.

Gosh, we love him.

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