Good News.

6:05 PM

We can forget about our Cradle List.

If you are my friend on facebook, or have seen me in real life, you definitely already know about this... because I can't stop talking about it. After trying for 2 years (TO THE DAY! How crazy is that?!) we decided to put the whole kids thing on the back burner, revisit in a couple years, and we bought a puppy. More on him later. He deserves his own post, because he is the sweetest thing ever. 

Of course right after that happened, I got pregger-ooski. I am 16 weeks along (ultrasound above is from 12 weeks) and let me tell you, morning sickness is NO joke. It has finally subsided, so I finally have enough energy to clean my toilet, walk my dog, and BLOG. Mhmmmm. Gotta document this exciting time!

Quick little note about morning sickness... I am so very grateful for it. That may sound weird, but after trying for so long, I was pretty nervous that my body still might not be ready for a baby. So I took comfort in my morning sickness. It made me feel like everything was going okay. The Saturday before my 12 week appointment I felt fabulous. I probably could have ran 1 whole block or something. I didn't think much of it, because it was a busy day... but before bed that night, I started getting nervous. I told Dan about it, and we said a little prayer for comfort. The next morning (Sunday) I woke up feeling SO sick that I couldn't even get my booty to church. Hallelujah. Dan says his prayers WORK! Ha.

As far as our cradle list goes, here's where we are. 

• Hike Timp - I did this for the first time the summer before I met Dan. I want to do it again. 
          Sadly, it didn't happen. 
• Go to Vegas 
          Why do we love Vegas so much, when we don't 
          drink or gamble? I don't know. But we do.
• Lose 20 lbs (for me) 50 lbs (for Dan) - If I can't be preggers, I might as well get skinny, right? 
          Nope, still chubs. But now der's a baby in der 
          so I don't even care. 
• Paint the House - we want to paint the trim, the back wall in the living room and the bathroom.
• Go snowboarding. If funds don't allow, we will go sledding. We will take what we can get. ha! 
• Read the entire Book of Mormon 
          Ashamed to admit, this didn't happen. It's now my 
          2014 resolution. 
• Go to Moab 
          I've still never been! 
• Go to all the temples from Ogden to Provo - I think there's 8? That's what I'm counting from memory... 
          We went to the ones close to us... halfway done? 
• Go to 7 Peaks at least once. We love water slides!! 
• Golf 18 holes together. We can do 9 holes, two different times if we need to. 
          We golfed 9, Dan did a lot more than that. We also 
          frequented the driving range last summer. Close enough! 
• Go to the shooting range (Dan's idea... I'm afraid of guns, but I'll try it... I guess haha) 
          Dan is still talking about this... help me! 
• Take an Archery Lesson (we got a groupon and haven't used it yet! I wanna be like Katniss!) 
          Welp, wasted that $30. 
• Get a massage 
          I NEED ONE. 
• Beat Dan in Ruzzle. HE IS SO GOOD!!!! 
• Run RAGNAR. Mi-Ro is leg 8 and D-ro is leg 12. 
          WORST IDEA EVER. WORST. But we freaking did it.

Technically we only got 47% done with our Cradle List, but I'm going to give us an extra 3% for going to the 4 temples closest to us... So I guess now we're 50% ready to have this baby. Just kidding, we're SO ready. We CAN'T wait to meet you BABY ROBERTSON! Should we call him Baby-Ro? B-Ro? or just stick with Baby Robertson??

Yep, you heard me, I said him. :)

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