11:41 AM

The internet is pretty crazy. I was just doing a little online shopping for D-ro. I wanted to surprise him with a new shirt. I ended up not buying anything because I figured I should probably go and check The Rack first, I tab over to facebook and this is the first thing that pops up. Whaaaa?? That was one of the shirts I was looking at for him. I mean, geez. Let's hope he doesn't jump onto my computer today or he will know I was going to buy him something. And maybe be mad that I didn't ;) Jk he'll probably be thrilled I didn't spend the $$$.

I thought about it and YOU GUYS, this is brilliant. Seriously, things just got so great. I plan on spending the entire month of December online window shopping on Dan's laptop. That way Santa will know exactly what to bring me.  :)

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