Cradle List Update

5:12 PM

Cradle list update: 3 down! 1 up!

We painted the horrible black trim on our living room, and have the paint for the back wall, we are just waiting for the Landlord's to patch the hole in the wall, from when mi-ro fell backwards down the stairs and busted a hole in the wall. We asked if we could paint and they said no but D-ro is a badass and is going to do it anyways! #YOLO. Anyways check that off the list!

Mi-ro did finally beat Dr-o at Ruzzle...but it is April now, and Ruzzle is completely Mi-ro. *slow-clap*

And, we were too broke to snowboard this season, but we did get in a killer Sledding Sesh and D-ro got to finally break in his Go Pro Hero 2 camera. It was fun and we quickly found out that no matter how hard you try, Sledding doesn't ever look cool.......

We are doing better at losing the weight, especially that Ragnar training is in season, it'd be going a lot better if we didn't have celebration candy after each workout, but none the less, we are getting healthier and faster. 

It's getting warmer, and I have a feeling this list is not going to make it through the summer.

  1. Hike Timp - I did this for the first time the summer before I met Dan. I want to do it again.
  2. Go to Vegas
  3. Lose 20 lbs (for me) 50 lbs (for Dan) - If I can't be preggers, I might as well get skinny, right?
  4. Paint the House - we want to paint the trim, the back wall in the living room and the bathroom.
  5. Go snowboarding. If funds don't allow, we will go sledding. We will take what we can get. ha!
  6. Read the entire Book of Mormon
  7. Go to Moab
  8. Go to all the temples from Ogden to Provo - I think there's 8? That's what I'm counting from memory...
  9. Go to 7 Peaks at least once. We love water slides!!
  10. Golf 18 holes together. We can do 9 holes, two different times if we need to.
  11. Go to the shooting range (Dan's idea... I'm afraid of guns, but I'll try it... I guess haha)
  12. Take an Archery Lesson (we got a groupon and haven't used it yet! I wanna be like Katniss!)
  13. Get a massage
  14. Beat Dan in Ruzzle. HE IS SO GOOD!!!!
  15. Run RAGNAR. Mi-Ro is leg 8 and D-ro is leg 12. 

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