Doctor's Orders. Ha!

3:09 PM

The doctor told me to drink Dr. Pepper, can you believe it? I think this is the best day of my life.

Just kidding, it's actually not.

So, I have something called Cholestasis of Pregnancy. You can read about it if you want, but basically my liver and gall bladder aren't functioning at 100% and I am an itchy-itchy-itch fest because there is bile in my blood. (Eww, right?) Well a few weeks ago I started getting super itchy at night, mostly in my hands and feet. Then it moved up to my knees, and now it is pretty much all over my entire body, including my face. I went to Arizona and got sunburned and Dan told me that it was probably because of that. Um, I didn't get sunburned on the bottom of my feet, DAN. Geez. Plus, it started before I went. Haha. Anyways, the other day I woke up in the middle of the night and honestly felt like I was on drugs. It was the weirdest thing. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and when I was drying my hands, the towel itching my fingers felt euphoric. I could not believe how good it felt, so I started dragging my feet across the carpet and that felt equally as awesome. I was just dragging my feet across the carpet walking back and forth in front of our bed for like 5 minutes at 3 AM, until my feet were covered in some serious rug burn. I went back to sleep and woke up a little bit later and was scratching my upper legs and I honestly saw glowing green marks wherever I itched. Kind of like the trail that Turbo the snail leaves behind, but green. On my legs. Under my skin.

I felt like I was tripping out... and it totally freaked me out. I didn't want to wake Dan up so I just took a shower and went back to sleep. This hasn't happened since, I'm sure I was still half asleep and was dreaming about something with glowy green lights, but it was just seriously SO weird. When I woke up, I googled "itching while pregnant" because I believe in Dr. Goog a little too much I guess.  I saw that there really was a condition that causes this, but I didn't actually think I had it. I have been sick for over a month with a UTI that I didn't know I had (Which btw I'm pretty sure it had moved to a kidney infection because trusty Dr. Goog told me I had ALL of the symptoms. Plus it had been over a month. Who actually knows. I was too embarrassed to tell my doctor that I read that can happen because last time I was in there he told me to get off whatever website I was reading. Haha. I'm the worst.) So I just thought it was a side effect of that, but decided to ask my obgyn next time I was in, just incase.

I asked, they did a blood test and I have it. Basically now my pregnancy is considered "high-risk" and I have to go get the baby's heart rate monitored once a week and they are trying to get me in to see a high-risk specialist, so they can do a thorough ultrasound and double check everything. Until then, I am supposed to pay extra attention to baby's movements, and if he's not moving I am supposed to drink Dr. Pepper to see if that gets him going. They told me that yesterday, and like the best husband that he is, Dan drove straight to Slurp and got me a Dr. Pepper and a cookie... even though he was home sick with the flu and had been throwing up all morning. True love folks!

The stress test I had today went well, and I am feeling surprisingly calm about the whole situation. I am glad the baby will be monitored and getting to see him on the screen today was really fun. The Ultrasound tech saw him practicing breathing and pointed it out to me, it was super cute. She said they don't do that a lot so seeing it on screen was pretty special. Awww, best baby ever! 

Overall, I am a little freaked out by how fast this pregnancy has gone, I can't believe there's only 6.5 weeks left. Possibly even less, depending on how the rest of my visits go. Can you believe it? SO crazy. SO nuts. I'm actually about to be a mom. I can't wait.

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