11:51 PM

Today marks Michelle's and my 1st year anniversary. It started out with us both scared to be naked in front of each other, and ended with us both being spanked by a skeezy nurse in front of a bunch of drunk guys in Vegas...long story.

Not going to lie, what they say about marriage is true. The first year is hard, but anything worthwhile usually requires a lot of work. I can honestly say however, that this was the BEST year of my life.

There are honestly very few things that I would change about this last year. We spent the last few days out on vacation and had a lot of time to talk about our time together. We are seriously so blessed to have each other. We have in no way been perfect, but that is not what this is about, we're learning how to be together and becoming better day by day. 

I am excited to see what this next year brings. I'm hoping for quadruplets, a million bucks and, some salad. But irregardless of what happens this year. I know our marriage will just continue to be better. 

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