Biggest Loser Update.

8:44 PM

I'm actually a bit embarrassed to write this post. But here it goes.

I mentioned a few (TWELVE) weeks ago that I was doing a "Biggest Loser" contest with my co-workers. Let me start with this. I've honestly been really blessed and I have never really struggled with my body image. I mean, yes, there was a point in my life when I was taller than all the boys and thought I was a freakishly tall (5'11") GIANT. But I got over that pretty quick. I love myself and I love my body. I love my height and I love my curves. I really, truly do. Even when I'm at my heaviest, I still pretty much think I'm hot shiz... because I can, and I am. ;)

That being said, thanks to the stress of planning a wedding, I did gain a few (7-8ish?) lbs before I got married. I know, I know. I should have been working extra hard to look good naked and stuff, but I wasn't. And oh well.

So my work announced this contest, I joined because I'm competitive and I didn't want to be the girl that gets super fat after she gets married... and to be honest, I was probably on my way. Remember, celebration mode?? Haha. I'll wait until I have a baby to blame for that, thank you very much.

So the 12 weeks came and went, and I didn't do anything crazy, just started making better choices. I still ate pizza, taco bell and hamburgers. I just felt guilty everytime I did. I didn't want to let my team down, and yes, sometimes I would get bitter. I would say, DAN! I HATE THIS. IF I'M GOING TO GET SKINNY I'M GOING TO DO IT FOR ME!! but really, I loved it. My team didn't win. But we should have. We had 4 of the biggest losers, but unfortunately for us... one of the biggest gainers as well :-/

So... the results. I lost 19 pounds. I honestly didn't think I looked much different, but I knew I felt healthier, and my jeans did fit a little better. A lot of people said they could see a difference in my face... So I looked at some pictures. Um yeah, you can definitely see it in my face. Haha.

Roughly the same angle... Taken by Dan, sitting across from him at a restaruant. This happens a lot. oops.

Same hoodie & both mirror pics.  Tay and I were matchy, so we documented it. And yes, we just woke up.. And then again to document my progress.

So there's that.

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