2:13 PM

1. Dan and I made this dresser the other day... We have been living for 7 whole months without a dresser and it drove me crazy. On Saturday we were laying in bed and I was thinking about how disorganized my closet is so I said to Dan, "Ok that's it. I am going to to DI and getting a dresser today!" and he told me he had one that his parents said we could have FO FREE but he didn't know I wanted one. Ummmm WHAT. Yes I want one! Whenever my socks fall out of the cubbies in our closet and all over the floor, I want to throw them against the wall - it drove me INSANE. So we ran up and packed it in our car and painted it. Love it.

2. WOWBUTTER. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE. AND I HAVE HAD A "PB"&J EVERY MORNING SINCE I DISCOVERED IT. YUM. I can't wait to try it in some recipes... hmmm... someday when I'm not trying to lose weight.

3. Driving Ranges are so fun. I am pretty good about 1 in 5 times. Hahaha.

4. Just call me King Midas. Everything I touch turns to gold... Thanks to spray paint.

5. Mega gummy bears. Seriously. Those are a thing. Get some.

6. Me and my lov-ahhh. We went to a fundraiser at the art school Dan's dad runs - VAI. I can't wait to have a million little babies so I can put them all in art school.

7. Bad hair days really happen. The other day I'm just chillin' work, talking to my boss and I reach back to comb the back of my hair... hand stuck. THIS WAS BACK THERE. And I had been walking around all morning like this. So freaking embarrassing.

8. Diet Coke. That's right... I started drinking it again. Ooops.

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